02 Mar
Importance of having training on entrepreneurship

What is Entrepreneurship?

At its foundation, entrepreneurship is the act of one person, or a small group, starting a business. There are two major components involved; job creation and economic stimulus. There is also a community aspect of entrepreneurship.

So, do you need training on entrepreneurship?

I think yes! Without clear knowledge and understanding, you won’t be able to start a thing like a business. In a classroom, entrepreneurship can be taught as a concept or experienced as a project. démarrage d'une entreprise without proper training is like sailing your ship in a sea without knowing a proper direction. Teaching it as a concept might involve a video, worksheets, and perhaps a guest speaker. To turn the concept into an experience would require including the basic elements in a project.

It would not take much extra classroom time to extend the historical structure project to include entrepreneur concepts. One, community, may already be partially included. Two pieces that would assist with including community is if it is a group project, requiring the ability to work with others, and if the final presentation required students to explain how the historical structure affects or affected, the community where it is located.

The other two components, job creation, and economic stimulus involve a bit more. Job creation could be included by having students provide an explanation as part of their presentation as to what jobs were created or necessary for building the structure. The economic stimulus could be more present-day, requiring students to provide a detailed accounting of all costs, predicted and final.

Providing experience with entrepreneurship can be accomplished with a little adaptation to an existing project-based assignment. Doing so gives students exposure to how their ideas can affect jobs, the economy, and the community.

The value of courses and training extend beyond a simple understanding of facts. The experience students gain throughout the lesson, from initially deciding what to do and how to do it through presenting the results, has effects difficult to assess through a standardized exam. Students gain valuable insights into their own abilities, including how they can learn on their own and from their peers.

A select number of entrepreneurs know from the get-go what kind of business to run, but most do not. Therefore, start by thinking about the kinds of things that, when encountered, have been hugely awkward, uncomfortable, angering or frustrating to deal with. In a nutshell, is what an entrepreneur really is- someone who sees what's lacking and finds a way to fill the lack in a profitable manner. If you have proper training and skills in business, you can properly start your business and lead it to the right path.

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